Perception and Judgment Lab

This database consists of images of 126 novel 3D objects: 66 objects belonging to Family-X, 30 belonging to Family-Y, and 30 belonging to Family-Z. These objects were created using the programs: Rhino, Grasshopper, and V-Ray. The objects were sampled by randomly assigning values to each parameter. The description of the methods and stimulus generation is available in Kurosu & Todorov (2017)

If you use these images, you should cite Kurosu & Todorov (2017). The exact reference is:

Kurosu, A. & Todorov, A. (2017). The shape of novel objects contributes to shared impressions. Journal of Vision, 17 (13): 14. 1-20. doi:10.1167/17.13.14

Click here to download the files: the images of three object-families, a text file for each family documenting the object parameters used to generate the images, the Grasshopper file for generating additional 3D objects, and a screenshot of the algorithm.

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