Perception and Judgment Lab

Twenty-five maximally distinct Caucasian male identities were created using FaceGen Modeller program ( Version 3.2. We varied each facial identity using gender-specific impression models of perceived dominance and trustworthiness. Using each model, each identity was manipulated to create seven versions (-3 SD, -2 SD, -1 SD, 0 SD, 1 SD, 2 SD, and 3 SD) on each perceived dimension. A detailed description of the generation of the face stimuli, the models and their validation is provided by Oh, Dotsch, Porter, & Todorov (2020)

If you use these faces, any resulting written work should acknowledge the software used for face generation, FaceGen 3.1 and Oh, Dotsch, Porter, & Todorov (2020). The full citations for the latter is:

Oh, D., Dotsch, R., Porter, J. M. & Todorov, A. (2020). Gender biases in impressions from faces: Empirical studies and computational models. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 149, 323-342.

Click here to download the files: 1,400 JPG files (25 identities X 2 face genders X 2 model genders X 7 manipulation levels) for the face images and a ReadMe text file.

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