Perception and Judgment Lab

Twenty-five Caucasian faces were randomly generated using the Facegen Modeller program ( Version 3.1. Then for each facial identity, we created 7 versions that varied on perceived dominance, trustworthiness, and threat, using the computational models developed by Oosterhof & Todorov (2008). The exact procedures are described in Oosterhof & Todorov (2008). Todorov & Oh (2021) provide a detailed description of how the models are computed.

If you use these faces, any resulting written work should acknowledge the software used for face generation, FaceGen 3.1, and Oosterhof &  Todorov (2008). The exact reference for the latter is:

Oosterhof, N. N., and Todorov, A. (2008). The functional basis of face evaluation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 105, 11087-11092.

Click here to download the files: a ReadMe text file for each perceived trait model, 525 bitmap files for the manipulated face images.

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